People speak about rinsing containers?  I make a tad over 1 litre every time, 
dependant on the weather it takes me under 3 hours to brew a batch.  I have 3 
containers in storage and drinking the fourth all the time, the only time I 
'clean?' a container is when one of a previous batch has turned yellow-ish 
after time in storage and just wipe out the vessel for the fourth batch I brew 
with paper towel.  I don't care about the colour, colour is not an issue at all 
for me, as long as I don't see mud or whatever crap on the bottom of *any* of 
my storage containers.  As long as my product, colour or not, is pure and 
transparent, it's perfect.


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Sounds as if it might be advisable to rinse the container with a small amount 
of distilled water, prior to filling it and insetting the electrodes. No?

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The first batch m