When I did my builds it was long enough ago that I don't recall there being
any networking support besides libpcap, which I agree is not optimal. Is
slirp networking expected to work on Android?

In any case, I have successfully built a few simulators that don't require
networking and I'm currently working on the ones that do.  I'll post
binaries in a day or two once I have functional builds for all of the


On Sep 16, 2016 2:11 PM, "Mark Pizzolato" <m...@infocomm.com> wrote:

> The existing sim_ether already supports a tunneling protocol by
> encapsulating Ethernet frames in UDP packets.  Such a connection can then
> talk to one of itself or to an instance of Johnny's bridge where it can be
> presented to s remote LAN.
> On Sep 16, 2016 11:02 AM, "Phil Budne" <p...@ultimate.com> wrote:
>> A way to do networking would be to implement a tunneling protocol in
>> simh_ether and hand packets off to a proxy that put them on the wire.
>> Cisco GRE might be a suitable protocol for Ethernet over IP.
>> If all you care about is IP, then the protocol could be OpenVPN, and
>> other protocols could be detected by "ether type", SAP or SNAP and
>> handed off to other encapulation protocols.
>> Phil
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