SPEAK got banged up a lot during the conversion to the PDP-11, because of the difference in word width, but the relevant fragment is:

5    TYPE 2,(LINES(I),I=1,L)
2    FORMAT(' ',36A2)

This is still 1977-78, but the PDP-11 Fortran compilers (both F4 and F77) adhered to the 'standard' for FORMAT statements, which required an initial carriage-control character. A space (or 1X) meant single space.

VAX FORTRAN allowed for character strings to be treated as subscripted arrays, so the final VAX FORTRAN equivalent was:

2    FORMAT(' ',A)

Still has the initial space for carriage control.

So adding '1X,' to the start of the SPEAK FORMAT statement should do the trick.

PDP-11 Adventure was built from the Crowther/Woods 350-point version, which had hours controls and the like; all of the policy extensions were ripped out to fit the game into a 28KW LSI-11 with two single-density 8" floppy disks under RT11.

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