Thanks for info.  I figured out and have to put 'define/system/exec
multinet_dhcp_client "1"' before start_multinet script. 

It now worked fine but interfaces are still not updated (no effect).
Installation guide did not mention that.


I now have another problem.


I have some problem with @configure setup.  When I put as default IP
address and execute dhclient.

I think that @configure is for manual settings with static IP address only
but I want automated settings with DHCP client.


After dhclient was executed, it successfully got correct settings (according
to log files) from my fios router but it still display on SHOW NET


I tried to execute and it verbosely did set settings
properly but SHOW NETWORKS still display


Does anyone know any solution?





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On 1/28/2018 12:08 PM, Tim Stark wrote:



I tried to configure DHCLIENT for DHCP access from my FIOS gateway router
but DHCLIENT crashed during boot time and complaint undefined symbol in API


Also I am figuring out how to set SSH2 terminal server. I successfully
generated SSH2 keys on emulated SIMH VAX system.


Does anyone know good DHCLIENT and SSH2 configuration instructions for
OpenVMS 7.3 and Multinet 5.5?

SSH2 is covered in the MultiNet Installation and Administration Guide:

There's also an FAQ here:

The DHCP client is documented here:

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