I'm trying to run http://simh.trailing-edge.com/kits/swtp6800-swk.zip

>swtp6800mp-a2.exe swtp6800mp-a2.ini

SWTP 6800, V2, MP-A2 CPU Board simulator V3.9-0

PC=E1AB SP=0000 IX=0000 A=07 B=00 CCR=D0
Invalid Opcode, PC: E1AB

And .. (never have seen this in any other SIMH emulator)  :
sim> e e1ab
Unit not attached
sim> e -m e1ab
Unit not attached

--- ---------swtp6800mp-a2.ini  ---

set bootrom 2708
attach bootrom swtbug.bin
set mp-a2 mon, lo_prom
set cpu hex
set cpu itrap
set cpu mtrap
set mp-b2 bd0, bd1, bd2, bd3, bd4, bd5
att dc-40 6800boot.img
att dc-41 6800work1.img
set dc-41 rw
att dc-42 6800work2.img
set dc-42 rw
att dc-43 6800work3.img
set dc-43 rw
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