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The ES40 emulator does have some issues, and development has been discontinued. 
From the ES40 home page: http://es40.org/Homepage

    Discontinuation Notice

ES40 emulator development has virtually been halted since 2009. The lead 
developer of ES40, Camiel Vanderhoevenis developing both Freeware and 
Commercial Alpha and VAX emulators for Migration Specialties.

FreeAXP <http://www.freeaxp.com/> is the Freeware Alpha emulator from Migration 

Avanti <http://www.migrationspecialties.com/Emulator-Alpha.html> is the 
Freeware Alpha emulator from Migration Specialties.

I (and the ES40 author) would highly recommend that you use Migration 
Specialties’s FreeAXP emulator instead of ES40 if you are just looking to 
successfully run OpenVMS on an Alpha emulator. FreeAXP is a stable and 
supported Alpha emulator for both OpenVMS and TRU64 and is available at no cost.



The lack of a Non-Windows host makes this a non-starter for me.  All I have are 
Linux and macOS systems here. I won't buy a Windows license to run under an 
emulator to run an emulator for an Alpha.  The limitation to 128MB of memory on 
the FreeAXP emulator is also a problem.  Being free, I realize I have little 
firm ground to stand on, but I just wanted to make it known that it's hardly an 
ideal solution for everyone.

I look forward if/when SimH has as good of an Alpha emulation as it does PDP 
and VAX.

John H. Reinhardt
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