Robert Armstrong wrote:
> that way you should be able to use the original IMP software which
> already runs on the H316 emulation.

My primary objective is connecting KA10 ITS to the internet.  Can the
IMP software and the H316 simulator talk TCP/IP to an ehernet card?

Phil Budne wrote:
> There are many reasons for supporting "1822" (the host-to-imp
> protocol) in SimH in a generic way:
> To speak to a simulated pre-TCP-era (aka NCP) IMP
>    (or a simulated TCP-era IMP if that code becomes available)
> To speak to the TCP Internet on a simulated system that never had an
> Ethernet interface.
> BOTH are meaningful for ITS, but I think it's the latter that Lars is
> pursuing at the moment.


> It would be lovely if there was a common API for 1822 communications
> (whether to an external simulation running IMP code, or an internal
> simulated IMP that allows the host to talk to the Internet)

I will certainly try to structure my additions so this will be possible.
Maybe something like this?

Simulated host -> IMP interface -> 1822 API -> emulated IMP -> sim_ether.

Looks like SIMH doesn't provide anything to do ARP, so I'll have to do
that too.
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