>Do you see a down side to the rounding up so the number of lines fits?

   For the DZ/DZV/DZQ case I think that will solve the problem.

   However, I think the VH case is a little more complicated -

  * The UNIBUS DH11 and DHU11 had 16 lines per interface
  * The QBUS DHV11 had 8 lines per interface
  * The QBUS CXY08 was DHU/DHV compatible and had 8 lines
  * The QBUS CXA16  "    "   "    "   "    "   "  16 lines

  Maybe it would be easier to implement a simh command "SET [DZ|VH] 
LINES_PER_INTERFACE=..." and push the problem off on the user.  This would 
allow you to reproduce all legal hardware configurations, and create a few that 
never existed in real life.  I suppose the latter is undesirable, but there are 
several other cases in which simh can create hardware configurations that never 
actually existed.


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