On 2018-05-17 06:47, Phil King wrote:
tried to telnet in from a terminal on the same computer my vax is running and it is not working so you are correct i have an ip problemĀ  i have to do something thin wtih the router and some reconfig in the vax to the end of my ability after that i will try to ask for help thanks all for your help you are all good people

Um. I would not be surprised if you just observe the problem others have mentioned in the past. It is not uncommon for the host system to not be able to communicate with the virtual machine, as the outgoing ethernet packets are not been received. A switch will normally not help you, as both hosts are on the same ethernet cable, and switches do not reflect packets back on the port they come from. Routers might be more clever, but it's not a given. But basically, your problem have a high chance of being a problem of being able to communicate between two machines that use the same physical ethernet interface.


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