On 13-Feb-20 14:57, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>     > From: Clem Cole
>     > I just don't remember seeing actual card readers or punches on the
>     > PDP-11s
> I'm not sure DEC _had_ a card punch for the PDP11's. Readers, yes, the CR11:
>   https://gunkies.org/wiki/CR11_Card_Readers
> but I don't think they had a punch (although there was one for the PDP-10
> family, the CP10).
> I think the CR11 must have been _relatively_ common, based on how many
> readers and CR11 controller cards survive. Maybe not in computer science
> installations, though... :-)
>       Noel
Not common, but yes:

CP11-UP Punch interface for Univac 1710 Card RDR/PUNCH

Before anyone asks, there were also:

CP08-(N,P) (CSS) Data Products Speedpuch 120 100 CPM Punch and controller

CP10-(A,B) MD6011 300 CPM CARD PUNCH & Controller (60,50 Hz)

CP15-(A,B) Ditto for the -15


CP20-E (The CP10 for orange boxes)

There were a few other part numbers, especially for the 10/20, which
included various mechanical options - e.g. racks for the controllers vs.
just the controller, colors, etc.  What's listed are the main models for
each family.

The CP01-(A,B) "Documation LC15 Model 2 Card Puhcn, 80 Col, 100CPM,
RS322 interfaces, ASCII or Imaged mode 100-9600 BAUD

Not sure what platforms used the CP01...

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