Nope. Because it's still proprietary.


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Is there an archive of source code for RT11, RSTS and other PDP operating 
software (with comments, hopefully)?

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I don't recall it ever working, and I've fooled with it on and off for over 10 

Be nice to find out why it doesn't after all this time though.  Haven't had a 
chance to try the last few suggestions.

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1. I can confirm that RT11 V5.3 INIT does not work properly with an RL02 in 

My next step is to trace back changes, because I think it used to work.

2. There's no card reader for the SDS 940 because

a) I hate card readers (from having used them way back when)
b) I thought there wouldn't be any demand

Rich Cornwell's library should make it easier to implement a card reader these 

My first card reader story goes back to an RCA Spectra 70 I used in 1965.
It had a vacuum pick reader for high speed operation. The reader would 
gradually curl the front edge of the cards, so that after two or three passes, 
the deck was unreadable. It's failure mode was to spit cards out, past the 
receive hopper, at very high velocity and scatter them ten or fifteen feet out 
on the floor...

The second was a very slow mechanical reader on a PDP-7 in 1966. The only other 
keyboard device was a Teletype, so initial entry of programs was done from 
punched cards. It read, allegedly, 100 cards per minute using mechanical 
fingers with little star wheels on the end. DEC field service was in almost 
every week tuning or fixing the damned thing so that it could actually handle a 
decent-sized deck.

In my experience, only IBM built decent card readers. The reader/punch on the 
1620 (I used one in 1964) was very sturdy, and the 407 (used for offline 
printing of punched card output) could read almost anything.


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