I will shortly post a new revision (beta 3) of DAVE-ML 1.5 to the Digital Aerospace 
Vehicle Exchange (DAVE) website (see signature for URL).

There is one new feature and one subtle one:

New: the DAVE-MLreference manual (available in both HTML and PDF) includes examples of 
the major subelements

Subtle: the [un]griddedTable element is deprecated in favor of [un]griddedTableDef 
elements; this combines nearly identical elements into one ([un]griddedTableDef) for 
future development. The original [un]griddedTable element is now marked as deprecated, 
and it is suggested that existing DAVE-ML models be updated to simply change all such 
elements to [un]griddedTableDef elements by simple rename.

I'm still receptive to ideas concerning my earlier e-mail on statistical properties of 
functions... I'll be tackling that next.

--Bruce Jackson
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