The following patent may not affect DAVE-ML at all, but it is a strange
attempt by Microsoft to patent something that seems unpatentable:

Here is the abstract:

"Systems, methods and data structures for encompassing scripts written in
one or more scripting languages in a single file. The scripts of a computer
system are organized into a single file using Extensible Language Markup
(XML). Each script is delimited by a file element and the script's
instructions are delimited by a code element within each file element. Other
information, such as a name of the script and a functional description of
the script may also be included in the file using other XML elements to
delimit that information. The language in which a particular script is
written is also included within the XML format. When a particular script is
executed, the file is parsed to create a list of the script names or of the
functional descriptions of the scripts. One or more scripts are selected and
the code for those scripts is extracted from the file and executed by the
appropriate scripting process. The scripting process that executes a
particular script is identified from the scripting extension attribute that
is included in the XML format of the file."

Protests can be filed here, in case anyone feels the need and has the


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