>Hi there!
>I'm working on a simulator of generic systems.
>The system specification is done in XML and this explains
>my interest in DAVE-ML.
>One thing I noticed in DAVE-ML is the lack of a type
>specification (int, bool, float, ...) in the variable definition
>element. Because the system specification can be used to
>generate  code, having an attribute that specifies the type
>is a nice information.
>The attribute can be optional, in general it provides more
>information about the variable and it can be used or ignored by
>the application reading the XML.
>Similar considerations can be done also to other useful
>variable properties, for instance to explicitely define if
>the variable is a constant, or an input or output variable.
>This information can of course be derived by analisys of the
>use of the variable in the following, but having it (optionally)
>specified is more simple for the code generator, more clear
>for the human reader and allows some checks that can prevent
>Do you have plans to introduce such kind of attributes in
>future versions of DAVE-ML?
>Thanks for your attention and best regards,
>Giovanni A. Cignoni.


That's an excellent suggestion.

Do you know of an existing set of type specifications that exist in XML-land? Having a 
starting point, or better yet, having a DTD we could appropriate would be nice.

Otherwise, we'll need to come up with a short list (perhaps you've done this above). 
An interesting question would be, do we define the precision (for example, does double 
mean 32-bit or 62-bits?) or is this necessary.

Thanks for the suggestion. Version 1.8b1 will be out soon and probably will address 
this, thanks to your contribution!

-- Bruce
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