Hi all,

Down here at DSTO we are developing the capability to use DAVE-ML as the native 
aircraft data format for our flight simulation activities. These activities cover 
performance estimation, flight dynamic, flight test and HIL simulation. The plan is to 
encapsulate the aircraft configuration properties, as well as the aerodynamics, 
propulsion, mass properties and weapons configurations in DAVE-ML datasets, which 
interact in real time with any of our simulation codes. I think some of you are also 
directing effort in this direction. To this end, we have been developing a C++ class ( 
named Janus) to parse the DAVE-ML dataset files and do subsequent data manipulation 
based on the rules encoded in the dataset. Janus currently supports the processing of 
tabular data, and we are now including support for managing MATH-ML functional 
definitions, and the other functionality defined in the DAVE-ML DTD. 

A report is being written detailing the Janus class, which I can forward draft of to 
those interested. I would also be interested in hearing from anyone about possible 
collaborative activities with developing the Janus class, especially if it helps 
reduce duplication of activities.

Mr Geoff Brian
Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Performance Engineer.
Air Vehicles Division,
Defence Science and Technology Organisation.

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