Title: Still alive: simstds@larc.nasa.gov
SimStds subscribers:

The Simulation Standards mailing list is still alive, as is our website, <http://daveml.nasa.gov>.

The lack of traffic has been due, in part, to my other NASA duties. These will probably continue through the end of August.

However, I wanted to let the list know that Bruce Hildreth and I will be giving a 90-minute workshop on the proposed DAVE-ML vehicle dynamic model simulation exchange standard at the AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technolgies Conference in San Francisco. [The time is Tuesday, August 16th at 2 PM; the conference is hosted at the Hyatt Regency in the Embarcadero.] If you're in the area or at the conference, stop by and say hello!

We continue to seek funding/resources to continue our efforts. I recently heard from Erik McGuire, a grad student, who is looking at working on a native DAVE-ML editor based on Qt toolkit. This would be a nice addition to the limited applications that work with DAVE-ML in its native state.

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-- Bruce

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