At 9:29 PM -0500 9/22/06, Jon S. Berndt wrote:
I believe it would be desirable to have a text field in AERO-ML to specify a
license for the file, and also to have a field for specifying the
sensitivity (secret, classified, proprietary, etc.).

I suppose that the license field could look like this:

<license name="GNU GPL"/>


<license name="GNU GPL">
  For more information, see

I expect that the sensitivity field would simply be something like:

<sensitivity type="proprietary"/>


<sensitivity type="proprietary">
  This file should only be distributed in accordance with company policy


Jon Berndt

Would there be merit to having an optional subelement to sensitivity, such as classification? This would allow, if sensitivity was 'classified' to indicate the level of classification (confidential, secret, top secret) (at least in the US, that's how this works).

-- Bruce

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