At 1:48 PM +0100 3/9/07, Giovanni A. Cignoni wrote:

we are still working at the translation of Dave-ML files in our
system specification XML format, from which we can generate code

We are now testing the results running the code we generate.

It is possible to have data to check that model output is correct?
In the HL20 examples there are check data blocks, but there are not
in the F16 one, which, being little, is more usable for first tests.
In the F16 references there is some Mathlab code, but it calls few external functions.

Of course, if someone has DAVE-ML models (with check data) that is possible to share, we will be happy to test our tool on them.

Thanks in advance, Giovanni A. Cignoni.


The F-16 subsonic aero example model,

has 17 difference checkcases (staticshot) blocks.

Are you looking at an earlier version?

-- Bruce Jackson

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