A software tool for manipulating and converting aerodynamic models in the
Dynamic Aerospace Vehicle Exchange Markup Language (DAVE-ML) format has been
approved for release as NASA Open Source software.

DAVE-ML, a grammar based on the standard Extensible Markup Language (XML),
provides a single data source file for aerodynamic models used in flight
simulations and dynamic analysis tools and codes. The grammar captures not
only the data tables as in a traditional aero model source file but also
encodes the algebraic build-up equations, provenance or history of the
model, tracking of changes on a point-by-point basis, uncertainty, and
verification checkcase data, all in a human- and machine-readable text

Adoption of this format can save substantial amounts of human effort in
rehosting simulation models originating from other sources such as industry
partners. It is being evaluated by the AIAA as part of a proposed standard
format for flight simulation models.

DAVEtools, the newly released software product, is a Java-based utility
package that allows verification, interactive evaluation, and translation of
a DAVE-ML aero model into the proprietary Matlab/Simulink model format, a
popular analysis engine. From Simulink, the model can be converted into C
source code along with verification scripts.

DAVEtools is intended to be expanded to export from DAVE-ML into other
formats including directly into C, C++ or FORTRAN source code.

Designation as NASA Open Source allows direct download from NASA web servers
without requiring an executed license agreement and encourages collaborative
improvements to the code.

DAVEtools is available from the Dynamic Systems and Control Branch website,

More information about DAVE-ML in general is available at

-- Bruce

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