On Mar 17, 2008, at 9:34 PM, Dan Newman wrote:

I've been looking over the DTD version 2.0 Release Candidate 1, applying it to validation of a dataset.

To do this I've been using emacs nxml-mode, which requires pre- translation of the DTD to a RELAX-NG schema format. The translation is performed automatically, but the change in format made a quirk in the DTD mor obvious. DAVEfunc.dtd does not set a default namespace, but the included MathML2 DTD does. This can have the effect of competing namespaces, which will confuse some validating parsers. It has absolutely no effect on any application of the DTD to data handling.

However, to avoid the problem entirely, I'd like to suggest that DAVEfunc should be given a default, blank (or otherwise if you like) namespace, and that this should be allocated before the mathml2 entity is declared. I have attached a version of the DTD with this change included. Please consider it.

Dan Newman

Thanks, Dan;

I too use emacs with nxml-mode and have long wondered how to resolve this issue; I had about given up on getting at the root of the problem. Thanks for figuring it out!

It may well be time to give DAVEfunc a namespace to avoid collisions. I'm working on release candidate 2 and we may want to add a namespace such as dml.

-- Bruce

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