Good morning.
I have an issue for following call flow :
MGC 8 -> pjsip
< OK
...established rtp g711a...
< re-INVITE T.38 attempt to switch to t.38
> 100
>488 Not acceptable here
After this ACK my provider required me send re-invite with G711a but in my opinion session which use g.711a already exist and attempt to change it failed so session have to continue with with previous negotiated codec.
Beside this inĀ  accordance with RFC 3261 :
"If the other party does not accept the change, he sends an error response such as 488 (Not Acceptable Here), which also receives an ACK. However, the failure of the re-INVITE does not cause the existing call to fail - the session continues using the previously negotiated characteristics."

Do i am right that re-invite in NOT mandatory by standard to continue call with previous established RTP session ?

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