My point is the filesize and the time it takes to grab and open the attachment 
for a mobile user. MP3 is so much smaller. At the same time an MP3 is playable 
properly in something like "Google Apps" without opening a player, a WAV file 
is NOT but the MP3 is natively recognized and plays via QT plugin without 
touching the attachment. My argument is SIZE and PORTABILITY.
Yes my BB plays it just fine, just takes 10 times longer to grab it.

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> Separate process/system for encoding as a process server comes to
> which could be a virtual appliance somewhere... mp3 would really make
> lot of things easier and more agile in a mobile client
> (bb/iphone/windows mobile os).

My BB and Palm both play Wav files BTW :) 

> >>> Damian Krzeminski <> 08/11/09 5:47 PM >>>
> Andy Spitzer wrote:
> > Woof!
> >
> > On Tue, 11 Aug 2009 16:58:08 -0400, Arjun Nair <>
> wrote:
> >
> >> would it be possible to switch that over to mp3?
> > Possible?  Yes.
> >
> > Gonna happen?  No.
> >
> > MP3 patents aside (and that is a BIG aside), encoding MP3 takes 100
> times more CPU effort than our current implementation.  Scale would
> suffer considerably.
> >
> > --Woof!
> >
> >
> Not sure if we have a good alternative here. If we want to play it in
> the
> browser we probably need mp3 (I'll be happy to be proven wrong here).
> sipXconfig could of course encode it on demand (if we can solve a BIG
> aside
> problem) meaning that only the messages that are played would be
> encoded.
> But that of course does not really solve the scalability...
> Suggestions welcomed.
> D.

I would agree, my blackberry plays wav files perfectly.  My wife's Windoze
Mobile does also.  But, for how long I guess is the question.  Hopefully
long enough for the license issue with MP3 to go away.......

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