2018-Jul-13 00:35:31 :: task #209891 for sisyphus started by qa_viy:
#100 build libregf-20140427-alt1.qa1.src.rpm
2018-Jul-13 00:35:31 :: waiting for a shared lock on sisyphus
2018-Jul-13 00:43:18 :: acquired a shared lock on sisyphus
2018-Jul-13 00:43:19 :: [x86_64] #100 libregf-20140427-alt1.qa1.src.rpm: build 
2018-Jul-13 00:43:19 :: [aarch64] #100 libregf-20140427-alt1.qa1.src.rpm: build 
2018-Jul-13 00:43:19 :: [i586] #100 libregf-20140427-alt1.qa1.src.rpm: build 
Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
MI2a: mark python-dev
MI2a:  target python-modules-distutils
MI2a:   mark python-modules-distutils
MI2a:    target python
MI2a:     mark python
MI2a:      target python-modules-encodings
MI2a:       mark python-modules-encodings
MI2a:        target python-modules
MI2a:         mark python-modules
MI2a:          target
MI2a:           mark libcrypto10
MI2a:            target ca-certificates
MI2a:             mark ca-certificates
MI2a:              target ca-trust
MI2a:               mark ca-trust
MI2a:                target p11-kit-trust
MI2a:                 mark p11-kit-trust
MI2a:                  target libp11-kit
MI2a:                   mark libp11-kit
MI2a:                  target
MI2a:                   mark libtasn1
MI2a:          target
MI2a:           mark libgdbm
MI2a:          target
MI2a:           mark libssl10
MI2a:            target
MI2a:             mark libkrb5
MI2a:              target
MI2a:               mark libcom_err
MI2a:              target
MI2a:               mark libkeyutils
MI2a:              target
MI2a:               mark libverto
MI2a:          target python-modules-compiler
MI2a:           mark python-modules-compiler
MI2a:          target python-modules-email
MI2a:           mark python-modules-email
MI2a:          target python-modules-unittest
MI2a:           mark python-modules-unittest
MI2a:          target python-modules-nis
MI2a:           mark python-modules-nis
MI2a:            target
MI2a:             mark libnsl2
MI2a:              target
MI2a:               mark libtirpc
MI2a:      target python-modules-curses
MI2a:       mark python-modules-curses
MI2a:      target python-modules-xml
MI2a:       mark python-modules-xml
MI2a:        target
MI2a:         mark libexpat
MI2a:      target python-modules-hotshot
MI2a:       mark python-modules-hotshot
MI2a:      target python-modules-bsddb
MI2a:       mark python-modules-bsddb
MI2a:      target python-modules-logging
MI2a:       mark python-modules-logging
MI2a:        target python-modules-multiprocessing
MI2a:         mark python-modules-multiprocessing
MI2a:          target python-modules-ctypes
MI2a:           mark python-modules-ctypes
MI2a:  target libnsl2-devel
MI2a:   mark libnsl2-devel
MI2a:  target libncurses-devel
MI2a:   mark libncurses-devel
MI2a:    target libtinfo-devel
MI2a:     mark libtinfo-devel
MI2a: mark libfuse-devel
MI2a:  target libfuse
MI2a:   mark libfuse
MI2a:    target fuse
MI2a:     mark fuse
MI2a:      target mount
MI2a:       mark mount
MI2a:      target fuse-common
MI2a:       mark fuse-common
MI2a:        target /lib/udev/rules.d
MI2a:         mark udev-rules
MI2a:        target udev
MI2a:         mark udev
MI2a:          target dmsetup
MI2a:           mark dmsetup
MI2a:            target libdevmapper
MI2a:             mark libdevmapper
MI2a:            target lsblk
MI2a:             mark lsblk
MI2a:          target kmod
MI2a:           mark kmod
MI2a:            target libkmod
MI2a:             mark libkmod
MI2a:          target losetup
MI2a:           mark losetup
MI2a:            target hashalot
MI2a:             mark hashalot
MI2a:          target udev-hwdb
MI2a:           mark udev-hwdb
MI2a:          target systemd-utils
MI2a:           mark systemd-utils
MI2a:            target /etc/modules
MI2a:             mark startup
MI2a:              target hwclock
MI2a:               mark hwclock
MI2a:              target /sbin/halt AMB
MI2a:              target /sbin/reboot AMB
MI2a:              target /sbin/shutdown AMB
MI2a:              target /sbin/telinit AMB
MI2a:              target msulogin
MI2a:               mark msulogin
MI2a:            target
MI2a:             mark libcryptsetup
MI2a:              target libgcrypt
MI2a:               mark libgcrypt20
MI2a:                target libgpg-error
MI2a:                 mark libgpg-error
MI2a:              target
MI2a:               mark libargon2
MI2a:              target
MI2a:               mark libjson-c
MI2a:            target
MI2a:             mark libidn2
MI2a:            target
MI2a:             mark libiptables
MI2a:            target
MI2a:             mark liblz4
MI2a:            target
MI2a:             mark libpcre2
MI2a:            target
MI2a:             mark libseccomp
MI2b: mark startup
MI2b:  target /sbin/halt AMB
MI2b:  target /sbin/reboot AMB
MI2b:  target /sbin/shutdown AMB
MI2b:  target /sbin/telinit AMB
MI2c: mark startup
MI2c:  target /sbin/halt
MI2c:   mark sysvinit
pkg-config is already the newest version.
Selecting python-dev for 'python-devel'
Selected version libfuse-devel#2.9.7-alt3 for pkgconfig(fuse)>=2.6
E: Couldn't find package pkgconfig(libbfio)>=20131003
hsh-install: Failed to calculate package file list.
hsh-install: Failed to generate package file list.
2018-Jul-13 00:44:05 :: [aarch64] libregf-20140427-alt1.qa1.src.rpm: remote: 
cannot build src.rpm
2018-Jul-13 00:44:05 :: [aarch64] #100 libregf-20140427-alt1.qa1.src.rpm: build 
2018-Jul-13 00:44:23 :: [x86_64] #100 libregf-20140427-alt1.qa1.src.rpm: build 
2018-Jul-13 00:44:35 :: [i586] #100 libregf-20140427-alt1.qa1.src.rpm: build OK
2018-Jul-13 00:44:06 :: [aarch64] build FAILED
2018-Jul-13 00:44:35 :: task #209891 for sisyphus FAILED
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