Site of the Day for Thursday, January 3, 2002 

        "You Can Control Your Weight as You Quite Smoking"

Just in case a few of the List's gentle members have "Quit Smoking" on
their list of New Year's Resolutions, here is a useful site to answer some
common concerns.

"If you want to stop smoking but are worried about gaining weight, this
brochure may help you. Many ex-smokers do gain a few pounds, but only a few
gain a lot of weight. The best action you can take to improve your health
is to quit smoking. Smoking is much more harmful to your health than
gaining a few pounds. Making some simple changes, like developing healthier
eating and physical activity habits, should help you control your weight
gain when you quit smoking." - from the website 

This site will arm you with a multitude of facts about both food and
cigarettes and offers helpful and encouraging suggestions on both topics.
For example, according to the site, the craving for a cigarette lasts only
five minutes, which might be handy to know if you're having a really bad

If you're taking the plunge, check out the website; if you don't need it,
recommend it to a gasping friend.

A.M. Holm
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