Site of the Day for Friday, January 4, 2002

        The Why Files
        Fun with Science

"First published on the World Wide Web in February of 1996, "The Why Files"
blazed an early path to web popularity by providing cogent, accurate and
often droll explanations of the science and technology that underlie the
news of the day. From the how-to of cloning to the hidden secrets of
mosquitoes, "The Why Files" has successfully made science more available to
the public through in-depth but accessible articles about science and how
it affects everyday life.

Produced at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, . . ."The Why Files"
format consists of alternating weekly features that key off developments
that make headlines. Features are cataloged in an easily searchable archive
and are regularly updated to keep pace with new developments in science.
The site also offers a "Cool Science Image" feature and gallery with
pictures obtained from the front lines of science, images infrequently or
rarely seen in traditional popular media." - from the website

Glide over to this engaging site, suitable for one of your permanent stops
on a weekly circuit round the web.

A.M. Holm
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