Site of the Day for Wednesday, January 9, 2002  

        American Veterinary Association

Fido misbehaving? Fluffy not himself?

This informative website, from the folks you rely on in an emergency, is
replete with advice about the common concerns experienced by many pet
owners. From how to select a new animal companion to advice on dealing with
the loss of a beloved pet, this site provides helpful information. In
addition, it also includes guidelines to help chose a veterinarian as well
as material on a career in veterinary science. Naturally, in a site from
the American Veterinary Association, there is accurate information about a
number of preventable infectious diseases.

Don't miss the "Paws for Pets" link which has pertinent material on
seasonal considerations if you and your animal companion live in a cold

Bound over to the website for valuable guidance about caring for your pet.

A.M. Holm
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