Hi, slightly among the lines of this suggestion, is there anything to help 
templating files with a given set (or subset) of env vars? This would be nice 
addition for s6 overlay

From: Laurent Bercot
Sent: 16 October 2016 20:15
To: skaware@list.skarnet.org
Subject: Re[2]: How to write an execline helper in execline?

>Had a quick look, and from what i could gather the issue is that in our
>case, nothing gets put into v, so by the time pathexec_run() gets
>called, v only contains a NULL

  Oh yeah, it was definitely that, but the hard part was figuring out
exactly where the off-by-one error was among all the crap. ;)
  Thanks for the help :)
  I kept the "return 0" for the remainder part: in execline, whenever
possible, I try to make it not an error to run out of arguments - the
empty command line is equivalent to "true".

  OK, fixed. If you have other suggestions to be included in the next
execline release, please send them now :)


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