Thank you. I used a simplfied version, since I have no logging concerns:

  # Precreate the control FIFO
  s6-mkfifo -m 0600 $S6_SCANDIR/.s6-svcan/control

  background {
        if {
            # Block until s6-svscan starts reading its control FIFO
            redir -w 8 $S6_SCANDIR/.s6-svcan/control
            # Do not leak the fd
            fdclose 8
            s6-rc-init -c $S6_RC_COMPILED -l $S6_RC_LIVE $S6_SCANDIR
        s6-rc $VERBOSE -l $S6_RC_LIVE -u change session

    s6-svscan -st 0 $S6_SCANDIR

This is a bit "dirty" because it depends on s6-svscan internal, i.e. it creates a FIFO named "control" in its .s6-svscan directory.


Le 27/01/2017 à 11:41, Casper Ti. Vector a écrit :
Using the fifo trick [1]?  As a side note, though the s6 documentation
considers it "dirty", similar methods [2] are widely used for process
synchronisation in CSP-style concurrency.

[1] <>.

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