Le 02/02/2017 à 17:18, Colin Booth a écrit :
I do not know why s6-svscan does not exec its signal handlers.
What happens when you signal s6-svscan via `kill -USER1' instead of
via s6-shutdown? Same effect (going straight to the finish routine) or
does it run your signal handler?
I am going to check it soon but I suspect it does the same. I will also do further tests with a s6-svscan which is not PID 1.
Lastly, what version of s6-linux-init
and s6-linux-utils are you using? There's a chance that you are using
an old s6-{halt,reboot,poweroff} from before those turned into signal
I am using the precompiled binaries for Alpine Linux 3.5. According to https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages?name=s6*&branch=v3.5&arch=x86_64), they are up to date.


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