This is certainly an inexcusable PEBKAC; however, the cause was not
really obvious from the error output of the s6-rc programs.  So perhaps
we can make the error messages more indicative; or if that requires too
much additional complexiy, emphasise in the s6-rc documentation that the
service db is not supposed to change throughout its lifetime (including
that last `s6-rc-update' invocation that would replace it; and except
that a major upgrade of s6-rc might require an in-place rebuild)?

 I have added a few lines about needing to keep compiled databases
in the documentation pages for s6-rc-init, s6-rc-compile and s6-rc-update.
I have added a word about recompiling databases across major version
changes in upgrade.html.

 Please tell me if it makes things clearer for you, or if something more
is needed.


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