skalibs, execline and s6 just received bugfix releases.
 Nothing serious; the most important thing is probably that it's now
easier to append or override build-time flags via CPPFLAGS, CFLAGS and
LDFLAGS. Also, mkstemp() is used when appropriate, which allows more
functions to be used before the kernel's entropy pool is fully

 s6-rc just received a major release:
 It benefits from the same improvements and bugfixes, and it also
sports two new features:

 * a -p option to s6-rc-init that allows you to specify a prefix for the
symbolic link names used in the scandir. That opens up the possibility
of using several s6-rc livedirs concurrently with the same scandir.

 * a new "s6-rc diff" command, checking that the machine state has not
diverged (via permanent service failure) from the idea that s6-rc has
of it. (You generally shouldn't worry about this.)

 The major version bump is due to the fact that adding the -p option
required some API changes in libs6rc. The compiled database format has
not changed, and it is not necessary to recompile your service databases
when you upgrade from to


 Bug-reports always welcome.


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