Le 02/11/2017 à 07:52, Laurent Bercot a écrit :
 I don't have MIPS toolchains :/
 If you know the exact gcc building flags needed to make one, I can
easily build one. And if you know the correct set of sysdeps to
cross-build skalibs on MIPS (ramips or other), I'll add support to
lh-bootstrap. But it's not ready out-of-the-box yet, because I haven't
had need or opportunity to use this arch, and neither have the people
who use lh-bootstrap.
Ok, nevermind. I am not sure about the flags nor the sysdeps. There are working, openwrt-based images for those platforms (see https://github.com/gnubee-git/GnuBee-lede/tree/lede-17.01.4) and AFAIK openwrt builds its cross-compiled toolchain as part as the whole building process. However, I do not know if and how I could use it to get the flags or the sysdeps, and it might be very specific to that platform. So do not waste your time with that.


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