New releases of some skarnet.org packages are available.
 Those are preparation features for future releases, bugfixes, or
compatibility improvements (for MacOS, for default-PIC toolchains).

 * skalibs-
 * execline-
 * s6-
 * s6-rc-

 There's only one point worth expanding: the last one.
s6-rc- is in preparation and will come with a new database format:
in order to seamlessly transition to the format, it is necessary
to have an intermediary step. This intermediary step is what has been
implemented in s6-rc- the format is still the 0.3 one, but's s6-rc-compile builds databases that will be convertible to the
0.4 format, whereas's s6-rc-compile does not.
 So everyone should recompile their databases using's
s6-rc-compile, in order to prevent future issues when switching to

 Bug-reports welcome.


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