By that I mean, currently if I don't do anything else, some things
aren't processed. For instance, my audio card isn't there, neither are
a few input devices, such as my (usb) mouse.

 I can't reproduce the problem on my system: mdevd-coldplug detects
all the USB devices. But it's a small system with no fancy hardware.

 What would really be helpful in diagnosing this would be:
 - your kernel version: if you're using an old kernel, maybe /sys
has a subtly different format
 - if you can find them, the contents of the directories in /sys
describing the hardware that is missed by mdevd-coldplug; in particular
   * whether they are accessible via a symlink in /sys/dev/char
(or /sys/dev/block, if mdevd-coldplug is also missing block devices)
   * the contents of their "dev" and "uevent" files
   * whether they have a "subsystem" symlink and what it points to
   * whether that hardware requires loading firmware



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