Hi all - I just wanted to file a quick report.

I tried cloning down the skalibs git repo to my macOS box, which uses
the default, case-insensitive filesystem.

Since there's both mkltemp.c and mkLtemp.c, I immediately ran into
problems with git reporting modifications I hand't made, etc.

Ah, right. That's unfortunate. I will change the name of one of
these files, but I'm not sure how much longer I'm willing to
support this obviously non-POSIX-compliant filesystem...

Additionally, env_dump.c failed to compile - on macOS, mkdtemp is
defined in unistd.h instead of stdlib.h, and requires that
_DARWIN_C_SOURCE is defined.

 Joy. Will fix.

 Part of the issue is that I have lost access to my MacOS account,
and cannot test for build failures on MacOS anymore. If I could
have a shell account on a MacOS machine, it would make things
much easier (hint, hint). :)

 Thanks for the report,


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