New versions of some of the skarnet.org packages are available.

skalibs- bugfixes
execline- major version bump, but few and low-impact changes
s6- bugfixes
s6-linux-init- bugfixes
s6-networking- minor version bump

 Some details:

 * execline-

 - The if program now propagates its child's exit code by default if it
 - The backtick program's -i behaviour (exit on child failure or
presence of a null character in its output) is now the default. Other
behaviours in case of child failure can be obtained via -I, -x or -D
options; -x is the new one.
 - These changes are compatible with all the common uses of if and
backtick, but break compatibility in edge cases, which is why a
major version bump is required. This has nothing in common with the
previous major version bump, which had massive changes all over the
place; this one should go smoothly, and will only impact very specific
uses of backtick.

 execline now has man pages, thanks to the untiring flexibeast!
 The repository can be found here:


 Please allow some time for the man pages to be updated to reflect
the current HTML documentation. Currently, the man pages document
execline-; they are accurate for except for the if and
backtick changes.

 * s6-linux-init-

 - Bugfixes.
 - When s6-linux-init is built with utmps, the default utmp user for
s6-linux-init-maker was set to "utmp". That was a bug: now, by default,
s6-linux-init-maker does not create the utmp services if the -U option
is not given. If you used s6-linux-init-maker without the -U option
and still need the utmps services, you should explicitly set "-U utmp".


 * s6-networking-

 - Bugfixes (nothing security-related).
 - It is now possible to define a maximum amount of time spent in the
TLS handshake no matter how s6-networking has been built. (The -K
option has been implemented for the libtls backend.)
 - When SNI has been required, the TLS-related binaries now export
the SSL_TLS_SNI_SERVERNAME option to their application; the variable
contains the relevant server name.


 s6-networking has man pages as well:

 Bug-reports welcome.


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