On 9/04/2021 4:29 am, Crest wrote:

> There is a cleaner solution. I prefer to set the init_path kernel env
> var in /boot/loader.conf and prepend the s6 stage1 script to the normal
> search path. That way the kernel starts my execline script as PID 1 and
> if I mess it I just have to clear the variable from the loader prompt.

Thank-you for the reminder, I'd forgotten about kern.init_path.
Though in both cases its really a matter of changing a variable after
the loader has completed its chores (For non-FreeBSDers, there are two
points where a boot can be interrupted prior to the kernel starting)

I use both init_script to establish all the prerequisite stuff, check
boot device, enable MAC(biba), enable firewall, start network, start
ssh, create logging environment; then handoff to s6-svscan, via
init_exec.  Yes it could be done in one script which init_path points
to, and I agree that would be cleaner.  But the prerequisite stuff
really needs a sh, and I like execlineb doing its redirection prep and
handing off to s6-svscan :)

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