El dom, 11 abr 2021 a las 15:03, Xavier Stonestreet escribió:
> [...] the breaking point
> is making strip and static linking with packages that are build-time
> dependencies. So for example, make strip skalibs and then statically
> link all other skarnet packages with it. Or make strip execline and
> then statically link s6 with it. Then the resulting executables or
> shared libraries end up with an executable stack.
> If dynamic linking is used all throughout the dependency chain, I
> don't think it can happen [...]

Ah, I see. There has to be a static library involved. Then yes, I get
the same results. For example, when manually building s6 with a static
libskarnet that has not been stripped and a static libexecline that
has been stripped with 'make strip' and the original makefile, all
executables have GNU_STACK headers with RW flags except s6-svlisten
and s6-ftrig-listen, which have RWE flags and are the only ones that
link to libexecline.

Thanks, this has been instructive.


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