How can I opt-out if the subscription to this email chain? I don’t think it is 
related to me.

Amin Rasooli
Associate Director, AI Enablement and AI Ops

 - This is a mailing-list, not a chain. We do not forward conspiracy
theories; we have legitimate conversations on technical topics.

 - The subscriptions to this list have a confirmation request sent to
the address that performs the subscription, and are manually checked
for bots by a human (me). It is difficult for me to believe somebody
else subscribed you without you noticing.

 - You joined this list on June 9th, 2015. Since then, there have been
quite a few e-mails sent to the list. The fact that it took you 6 years
to react, if indeed you were subscribed by accident, is surprising, to
say the least.

 - Every single one of these e-mails has a List-Unsubscribe: header
which should be self-explanatory. Why it did not occur to you to check
e-mail headers of messages you pretend not to have signed up for, or
why you choose to use an e-mail client that does not provide you with
that functionality, I have no idea.

 - The fact that an Associate Director was clueless enough to find
themselves in such a situation that they need to ask the list itself
for help after 6 years is not a good sign for a company that aims to
"Power better decisions and connections with industry-leading cloud
technology". How can I trust your AI, IoT and workflow solutions if
you cannot disentangle yourself from a simple mailing-list issue?

 - This answer is public because your original message was public, and
I am getting sick of dishonest actors.

 - I have manually unsubscribed you from the list. You're welcome.


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