And you mean, just -wr is invalid at all, but -wu not?

 s6-svc -w options are really a shortcut for longer command lines
involving s6-svwait and/or s6-svlisten1; I added them as an afterthought
because people wanted them. Then, I added -r options by popular demand
as well.
 The problem with adding features as an afterthought under popular
pressure is that not all interactions can be perfectly thought out,
and yes, there is an inconsistency here.

 Waiting for a restart is an inherently more complicated case than
other waits, because it involves waiting for a stop *then* for a start.
And depending on whether there are other operations involved other
than the wait, the command that s6-svc rewrites itself into is not
the same. You found the case that was not handled in the same manner
as others. :/

 I will fix the s6-svc -wr case. In the meantime, to just wait for
a restart without triggering a restart yourself, please use:
"s6-svwait -wD foo && s6-svwait -wu foo".


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