El dom, 9 may 2021 a las 17:18, Laurent Bercot escribió:
>   A new web interface to these archives is now available, and this
> one appears to work better (there are still a few quirks with
> utf-8 display but we'll sort them out).
>   https://skarnet.org/lists/skaware/
>   https://skarnet.org/lists/supervision/

The hypermail links don't work for me, browsers (and wget) say that
the server returns an empty response. The ezmlm links work OK. With
the occasional display errors, that is :)

BTW, I'm not sure if it matters now, and I think I have said it
before, but the pattern I noticed is that the messages that aren't
displayed correctly by ezmlm-cgi seem to be those that contain an URL
at the beginning of a line, so the bug is probably in the code that
turns URLs into hyperlinks.


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