As some of you are aware of, last week, the Freenode IRC network was
subjected to a forceful change of its operational control. The history
and details of the change are deeply political in nature and very much
off-topic for our lists, and I really do not wish this event to be
discussed here; there is plenty of information and discussion to be had
in other corners of the Internet.
 The fact remains, however, that Freenode is no longer a safe IRC
network for free and open source software communities.
 As of now, the #s6 channel (and its associated off-topic channel) has
moved to the OFTC network: https://www.oftc.net/
 The skarnet.org documentation has been updated accordingly.
 Please update your pointers, and if you're currently hanging on
Freenode, please come to OFTC instead.
 The #s6 channel on Freenode will cease to be maintained, except for
a /topic  pointing to the new hosting network. At some point, it will
be moderated, i.e. you will not be able to write in it anymore.
 In the same way, there will be an empty #s6 channel on the libera.chat
network, pointing to the OFTC network as well.
 I know that some of you would have preferred to move to libera.chat,
the "official" successor of freenode, instead of OFTC. It was not an
easy choice to make, and no matter the decision, some people would
have ended up unhappy anyway. Please fight the undoubtedly overwhelming
urge to explain why the decision was wrong and the other one would have
been better; instead, feel free to address all complaints to Andrew Lee,
Crown Prince of Korea and originator of all this shitshow.
 Thank you. I hope to meet you on the other side.

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