El dom, 27 jun 2021 a las 6:33, Laurent Bercot (<ska-skaw...@skarnet.org>)

>   execline was not designed to handle interactive scripts: you need
> some extra tooling in the presence of job control.

Isn't job control the task of commands such as `foreground` and

Is your opinion that this modified foreground is outside the scope of
ant thus there should it be a toolset for job control?

  To achieve that, replace "foreground { editor ${file} }" with
> "foreground { s6-setsid -g editor ${file} }".

Thanks, this is half the answer, now the editor receives the signals,
the other half of the answer is spwaning the next process
when the editor exits.

As of now, on the terminal one needs to use `fg` to continue the process.

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