When I try to run the example program in the documentation for case, the 
default case is executed every time:

$ cat >match
#!/bin/execlineb -S1
case -N -- $1
  "\\([fo]+\\)bar\\(baz\\)" { /usr/bin/env }

$ match foooobarbaz

I see this in the release version execline as compiled on my own, as well as in 
the version currently in the Void Linux repositories, which uses the release 
version of the software and skalibs.

As far as I can tell, matching still works correctly when *not* using 

$ execlineb -c 'emptyenv case -N -- apple { "a.*" { /usr/bin/env } }'

Though I have hardly tested thoroughly.

I had been secretly hoping for exactly this functionality in execline for a 
good while now, so I would appreciate it if I could have a version of the case 
command that works properly!

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