New versions of all the skarnet.org packages are available.

 The changes are, for the most part, minimal: essentially, the new
versions  fix a bug in the build system that made cross-building under
slashpackage more difficult than intended. Very few people should
have been impacted by this bug.
 Some packages had a few more bugfixes; and some packages have
additional functionality. No major update; no compatibility break.

 The new versions are the following:

skalibs-             (minor)
nsss-                 (release)
utmps-                (minor)
execline-             (minor)
s6-                  (release)
s6-rc-                (minor)
s6-portable-utils-    (release)
s6-linux-utils-       (release)
s6-linux-init-        (minor)
s6-dns-               (release)
s6-networking-        (minor)
mdevd-                (release)
bcnm-                 (release)
dnsfunnel-            (release)
smtpd-starttls-proxy- (release)

 Dependencies have all been updated to the latest versions. They are not
strict: libraries and binaries may build with older releases of their
dependencies, although this is not guaranteed.

 You do not need to recompile your s6-rc service databases. To make use
of the new s6-linux-init functionality, however, you will have to
recreate your run-image.
You do not need to restart your supervision tree, unless you're deleting
your old s6 binaries.

 Details of minor package changes follow.

* skalibs-

 - New function: opendir_at()

* utmps-

 - New binary: utmps-write, a generic utmp client that can write
user-crafted records to the utmp and/or wtmp databases.

* execline-

 - New -s option to the case binary, enabling fnmatch() (shell)
expression matching instead of regular expression matching.

* s6-rc-

 - Bundle contents are now read in a "contents.d/" subdirectory, one
file per content, instead of one per line in a "contents" file. In
the same way, service dependencies are now read in a "dependencies.d/"
subdirectory, one file per dependency. Old "contents" and "dependencies"
files are still supported, but deprecated. This change allows better
integration of s6-rc service definitions with package managers.

* s6-linux-init-

 - New -S option to s6-linux-init-maker, forcing a sync on halt even
in a container.

* s6-networking-

 - SNI wildcarding is implemented, as well as a workaround for a
bearssl bug causing errors on certificate signatures in certain cases.

 Bug-reports welcome.
 And happy holidays to you all!


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