New versions of some skarnet.org packages are available.

The changes are minor, mostly quality-of-life and small additions driven
by the new version of s6-overlay.
 There are bugfixes all around, so users are encouraged to upgrade even
if they're not using s6-overlay.

 The new versions are the following:

skalibs-            (minor)
execline-            (minor)
s6-                 (minor)
s6-portable-utils-   (minor)
s6-linux-init-       (release)

- skalibs features better sysdep autodetection when custom compilation flags
are provided, and adds an option to envdir_internal() for unlimited-size
variable reading.
- execline adds the -P and -p options to getpid, to get the parent pid or
force the default behaviour.
- s6 features world-usable s6-applyuidgid and s6-setuidgid, as well as
a new -L option to s6-envdir for unlimited-size variable reading.
- s6-portable-utils adds a -N option to s6-dumpenv (add a newline after
dumping a variable) for easier reading back via s6-envdir.
- s6-linux-init fixes corner cases when used in containers.

 Bug-reports welcome.


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