Many thanks Christiaan and all!!!

Please continue the great work including continuing to support Mac OS X 10.6.8 
(Snow Leopard). Wonderful.


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On 21/09/2016, at 14:18, Christiaan Hofman 
<<>> wrote:

A new version of Skim is available for download at 
<> or using the built-in updater.

Thanks to those of you who submitted reproducible bug reports and comments 
along with the exception reports; as always, please continue to submit bug 
reports at 

For those interested in what is fixed, release notes follow.

Changes since 1.4.20:

Bugs Fixed
  *  Fix Open Selected PDF service broken by the system.
  *  Improve full screen animation on 10.11.
  *  Extend freehand and line note drawing workarounds for still buggy 10.12.
  *  Workaround for find bug on 10.12.
  *  Workaround for PDF search bug on 10.12.

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