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I am using Skim with Emacs + Auctex combination. Even though the backward search functions well, forward search is not working. I have already posted the question in stackexchange (http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/334220/emacs-auctex-skim-macos-sierra-forward-search-problem). I was not sure whteher the problem is due to auctex, emacs or Skim. The suggestion was to ask the question here.

What can be the problem? Does anyone having the same issues?

Thanks in advance

Sorry about that, this will be fixed the next release.


Attached is a slightly altered version of the display line script. (you need to make sure it’s executable). If you pass forward search through this instead of the display line script embedded in Skim it should work with 1.4.22 in most situations.


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