On 02/04/2018 07:26 PM, Hendrik Visage wrote:
> Good day,
>  As I can’t dump the SKS database while running, and the file snapshot
> setup not quite feasible for my setup(s) yet, I was wondering about a
> gossiping only server (and only gossiping to a limited set servers close
> peers) that isn’t connected/advertised to the SKS pool.
>  This would then be a server I could easily take offline and dump keys
> every so often, not impacting the pool availability etc.
> Which settings should I use to achieve the above, as it seems the moment
> I start the server, it starts to broadcast it’s availability to be
> included in the pool?

i do the same thing by just running the dump box behind a NAT without
any port forwarding (and running the gossip over a vpn to my "real" peer

i presume if you firewall off the HKP/HKPS port(s) and only expose the
recon port, it won't get listed in the pool.

brent saner
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