> On 14 Mar 2018, at 07:26 , Jeremy T. Bouse <jeremy.bo...@undergrid.net> wrote:
>     I've been running my SKS cluster under Docker for awhile now and my
> current Docker cluster is currently Tango Uniform it would appear (hence
> sks.undergrid.net being offline still). I've got an ECS (Docker-based)
> cluster already running and operational in AWS that I could move the
> service over to however the issue that has kept me from doing so is the
> operational difference it would incur. Looking to get some opinions and
> see if I'm overthinking it or if I'd be good to go.
>     First of all the cluster is in a private subnet with no direct
> internet so it gets NAT'd outbound from an IP address that would not
> match the inbound IP address to be used.

From what I’ve seen thus far, the gossipping/recon coming from an IP that’s not 
from those names in the membership file, gets ignored.

That might be a version 2 feature request: have peers authenticated not based 
on IP, but pub/private keys

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